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    How to realize your design the first time?
    Nowadays the market competition goes sharp, then enterprises have more attention in the ability to find out customers’ requirement and then offer the goods right.

    That means the single product not so much important anymore than before; in this situation, every enterprise have to chase innovation of design for satisfy the more and more complicated and specialized customer requirement.

    Then we can say, the key stone to make up a success is how we can quickly realize industrial deign into finished product by proper cost.

    As one of the best supplier in locks industry, YIFENG own great ability in OEM production, we always face the top depending on our years experiences cooperate with international famous brand and also our stable quality control.

    We have advanced technology and ISO quality system assures product produce under clients’ requirement;

    We melting our own technology into production; the finish, function, packing all following the most exact quality control system; and promised in time delivery may help our clients conquer markets directly. 

    Regarding the drawings, we protect them by our credit, keep the business secrets for you and convert them to benefits are our unshakable duty.



    We may offer more for you. 
    We now own the thoughtful R&D department, found our brand YIFENG; also we offer the comprehensive specific solution for our clients if necessary. Fluently bridge the drawling and product make clients may get more swift service and benefits.

    “Practicality, Fashion, Simple, Aestheticism, Science and Technology”
    This is our company philosophy for design.

    Every design comes out, we spend plenty works on previous market investigation; and then considering the looking, function, materials flexibility and customer habit etc to combine these factors a completed design.

    Every year we have more than 50 items come out by our individual design work and sales all around the world. We are sourcing the ideas most from global modern fashion products and the topic scientist industry, our products following the Fashion heading; assure the perfect combination with the luxury brand in the world.

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